About us

Still introduce a few more proposals; We are Ruben Nijboer and Vivian Ansink. In 2009 we bought a ruin in the outside area of the village of Santa Catarina, where Casa Bela Vida is now located. At the time we were 33 years. To cultivate, create and, above all, create something beautiful from nothing; Together we find a great deal of satisfaction. When after more than 3 years our Quinta Algarias was ready to our liking, the idea of looking for a new project quickly emerged. With the big difference that this time we wanted to realise something that not only we, but also our guests could enjoy. Because of the location and the versatility of our accommodation we can combine our greatest hobbies, the outdoors, creating beautiful things, mountain biking, hiking and enjoying a life in a beautiful environment in a fantastic way!

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